ENTREES ~ Головні Страви   Entrees are accompanied by your choice of 2 traditional dishes listed below.

*C=Celiac Friendly    *V= Vegetarian option~ask for no bacon

  • Varenyky (Pyrohy)*V ~ Вареники – Choice of: potato & onion, potato with cottage cheese, potato with cheddar or just sauerkraut
  • Baked Kapusta (Sauerkraut)*C ~ Квасна Печена Капустa
  • Pyrizhky *V ~ Пиріжки – potato filled buns baked in cream
  • Holubtsi (Cabbage rolls)*C*V Reg.& Sour  ~ Голубці
  • Buckwheat (Hrechana) Kasha *C*V ~ Гречана каша з шкваркамиwith bacon shkwarky
  • Cornmeal Nachynka (kulesha)*C *V ~ Начинка Кукурудзяна
  • Potatoes in dill  cream *C*V~ Картопля в сметані
  • Nalysnyky (Cheese crepes)*V ~ Налисники з сиром  
  • Vegetable Medley *C*V~ Мішана Городина

:: Chicken Kyiv ~ Курка по-КиївськиDelicate chicken breast coated in bread crumbs, then deep fried to seal in the seasoned herb butter surprise inside. This tender treasure is our signature dish. Our version is topped with a creamy wild mushroom sauce.

:: Tsar’s Pot of Meatballs ~ Утішний Царський Горщик -Hearty and flavorful meatballs served in a ceramic pot with rich beefy brown gravy. Topped with a dollop of sour cream.  A meat lover’s joy.

:: ‘Bytky’ Style Cutlet  ~ Битки з свинини або з курки– Choice of pork loin or chicken breast, tenderized, egg-dipped and lightly pan fried.  Topped with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, sour cream & farmers’ cheese.  Finished under the broiler.

:: Shashlyk *C ~ Шашлик   A treat from beyond the Danube – Choice of skewered pork or chicken breast seasoned and marinated in our own special secret ingredients and slowly char-broiled to perfection.

:: Dnipro Dream ~ Дніпра СонFresh wild salmon wrapped in a tasty bundle of puff pastry. Served with a light creamy lemon dill sauce

:: Kovbasa ‘n Kraut *C ~ Ковбаса з капустою – A juicy link of lean ham garlic sausage — scored and grilled and served on a bed of baked sauerkraut.

:: Yuri’s Favorite Cherry Ribs *C ~ Юрка Улюблені Ребра з Черешнями – Slowly roasted baby back ribs coated with a tease of sweet yet slightly tart cherry sauce

:: Odessa Prawns *C ~ Одеські Креветки – Succulent  prawns seasoned and simply sautéed in garlic, butter and white wine.

:: Delightful Creations ~ Приємні Вигадки – Make up your own favourite combo! Choose any 3 or 4 Traditional Ukrainian side dishes listed under ‘Side Dish Choices’.

:: The Ultimate Cossack Feast ~ Козацький Бенкет
This treat is a delectable 4 course selection that truly captures the Taste of Ukraine. Your sampling of Ukrainian favorites begins with a Starter choice of either Borsch or a light Ukrainian Village Salad. Next, an Appetizer: Deep Fried Mini Pyrohy with Bacon & Onion. For your Entrée, a choice of Pork or Chicken Shashlyk, served with Potato & Onion Varenyky (Pyrohy), Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls) in Tomato Sauce. Finish this feast with Dessert ~ Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Cheese Icing ~ Enjoy! Смачного!

:: Menu for little Cossacks & Rusalky (Mermaids)

                    ~ For children 10 and under ~
Make your own combo by choosing ONE of the following:

        Chicken fingers(2) or Ham Garlic Kovbasa Sausage.
Then add 3 Varenyky (Perogies).  Served with a small soft drink or juice.